Yitzi Horowitz, LCSW

Yitzi Horowitz, LCSW

Yitzi Horowitz, LCSW lives in and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in the New York area.  He sees the interplay between inherent self-value and psychological healing as simply part and parcel of Avodas Hashem, internalizing Emunah and understanding Ratzon Hashem. 

Living a Torah life and being an authentic and honest human being should be one and the same but for many of us this seems to be an ever elusive journey.  In his weekly Shiurim, Yitzi tries to blend the wisdom he has learned from his work as a psychotherapist with his passion for learning and understanding Torah deeply (chassidus and beyond) in an attempt to expand our horizons in our relationships with ourselves, others and Hashem.  


Ratzon HaTorah


I invite you to join me as I explore the intricacies of our inner-world, our lives and our relationship with Hashem. The episodes on this podcast are about my passionate belief that the Torah speaks to us, personally, intimately and timely. Studying the wisdom of Torah and our rich legacy is a part of Torah and our rich legacy itself. As our world embraces the powerful possibilities that psychotherapy offers us, I humbly wish to add my own thoughts and ideas about what it means to be human, to be Jewish, to find our Souls and to live Hashem in our lives. The dignity of human life is such that it moves us to comb the Infinite beauty of Torah to find deep and timely wisdom that grows us, allows us to dream big for ourselves and heal the wounds of all that pains us.

In the inimitable words of Rav Kook, “Raise yourself up to greater heights, because you have an internal strength. you have the wings of spirituality, wings as powerful as an eagle. Don’t deny them; they will destroy you if you try. Search deeply for them and you will find them…”