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You work hard to prepare Torah classes for an audience of tens or hundreds. Why not share your Torah with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? Torahcasts makes sharing your shiurim easy and FREE!

Podcasts – on-demand audio programs pushed for listening on any device – are the fastest growing channel for spoken audio. Podcasts make it easier to find, listen to, and share Torah content than any available technology.

The FREE Torahcasts service helps you launch your shiurim online as Torah podcasts , shares your podcast with the world on all major platforms, and build you a custom web page to grow following online.

How It Works

Sign Up

Sign Up for your free Torah podcast using our online form. The information we request will allow us to properly name the podcast, create your custom podcast “album” artwork, make it easily discoverable on the web, and share it widely.


Record your shiur using any digital audio recorder or even a smartphone. We can make recommendations of audio recording equipment that will fit your budget and will be happy to walk you through the process of recording quality audio.


You will be given login credentials for the online host of your Torahcasts podcast. From that web portal you can easily upload your audio and add relevant information to your classes such as a title and the material covered. Our team is here to provide upload support, so that no matter your level of technical knowledge, your Torah can be shared.


Once your class has been uploaded it will automatically be shared with all of the popular podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Your Torah podcast “show” and every “episode” can be shared by email or social media with one click. We will also build a custom webpage for all your podcast/s on the Torahcasts website that we encourage you to widely share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about podcasts and why they are the best way to share my Torah classes.

Podcasting is the best commercially available technology for sharing audio. Tens of millions of podcast episodes are downloaded daily. If you were looking to record your class would you build your own microphone? Of course not. Then why try and figure out how to easily share your class when the technology has been built and perfected over more than 15 years.

Is Torahcasts really free? What’s the catch?

It certainly isn’t free for us. We pay for the hosting fees, build out your webpages, and have team members to help guide you and others to success in the sharing of their Torah. So, it’s not free, but we don’t charge:-). We are supported by donors who consider it a privilege to spread Torah! The Gemara (Nedarim 37a) tells us that this is Hashem’s approach “Just as I teach you for free so too you also shall teach for free”.

Who "owns" my podcast? Can I take it with me?

You created it, you keep it! We are here at your pleasure. We want to service creators of Torah content that are looking for a free, easy, and well supported publishing experience. 

If at any time you decide you’d like to move or remove your podcast, we’ll help you through that process.

I’m not good with technology. Are you sure I can do this?

You only need to be good at teaching Torah, we’ll help you with the rest. We’re great with technology. We’ve done careful research to make this process as easy as possible for non technical people. We also have team members who can help you at every step of the way to make sure your shiurim are recorded, uploaded, and shared with minimal effort.

Why are all the podcasts branded as Torahcasts?

Our goal is to share as much Torah as possible. The more Torahcasts “branded” podcasts there are on the internet, the easier it’ll be for Torah learners to find shiurim and the easier it’ll be for Torah teachers to share their Torah content.

Who is behind Torahcasts?

Torahcasts was launched as a community service by Rabbi Ozzie Burnham. Ozzie spent the first decade+ of his career in Jewish outreach and the next four years as a strategic consultant to Jewish nonprofits. He’s passionate about spreading Torah ideas and Torah life in every possible way, and he envisions Torahcasts as a global megaphone for the hundreds of Torah classes delivered every day.

If I'd like more than one podcast for different kinds of shiurim, how do I sign up for more?

You can have as many ALWAYS FREE Torah podcasts as you’d like through Torahcasts.

We recommend that you use different podcasts for each different subject or series (for example, if you give a regular Parsha class and a regular Halacha class) so that people can subscribe to the subject/s that interest them most.

For each new podcast, please go through our Sign Up Page again and we’ll take care of the rest on the back end. We’ll also make sure that your additional podcasts are added to your individual webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample of Available Torahcasts

You can either begin immediately using our straightforward sign up form, or contact us here: