Rabbi Moshe Rothman

Moshe Rothman is passionate about presenting the clarity and relevance of Torah’s overarching messages and intricate details. After immersing himself in two years of intensive Torah study at Yeshivas Kerem Bi’yavneh, Moshe continued his learning at RIETS while completing his Bachler’s degree in biology from Yeshiva University. Upon graduation, Moshe studied and received Smichas Yoreh Yoreh from RIETS and served as a rabbinic intern at Eitz Chaim of Dogwood Park and Beth Din of America. Currently, Moshe is pursuing Smichas Yadin Yadin at RIETS as well as a JD at Columbia Law School.



Tefillah Outlined

Embark on a journey through the intricate tapestry of our daily Tefillah as we comprehensively unravel its layers, delving into the profound structure, themes, and meanings behind the words woven into our Davening. Using the classical commentaries on Tehillim and Tefillah, we are endeavoring to bridge the gap between the form and essence of prayer. Together, let’s uncover the timeless wisdom encapsulated in each heartfelt utterance.

Chumash Rashi

Join our as we learn Chumash Rashi. Each episode focuses on a specific aliya, offering a clear and understandable presentation of each passuk and Rashi’s insightful comments. Perfect for Shnayim Mikra, especially for those on the go.