Rabbi Yehoshua Domosh

Rabbi Yehoshua Domosh is currently based out of Lakewood, NJ. He spent a year in Yeshivat Baalei Daat in Har Nof and then another two years at the Sephardic Torah Center in Long Branch, NJ. Rabbi Domosh then moved to the Greater Philadelphia area where he started giving shiurim to the Sephardic Minyan at Lower Merion Synagogue while studying for semicha. He received his semicha in Issur v’Heter from Rabbi Daniel Channen in 5779.
Rabbi Domosh then moved back to the Lakewood area and worked in Hashgacha for two years while continuing to give shiurim online. He has also received Shimush from Rabbi Shmuel Choueka of Long Branch, NJ. Rabbi Domosh continues to teach Torah in various Sephardic communities and tries to instill in them great pride in their heritage.



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