Rabbi Bentzy Rosenberg

Bentzy Rosenberg is based out of Lakewood, where he is a partner in a Technology and IT Support business. He also serves as the Gabbai of his Shul, Khal Agudas Achim.

Bentzy got hooked on recording shiurim when learning Mishnayos לעילוי נשמת his father with his uncle in Monsey via recorded videos sent on WhatsApp. As he became motivated by a growing audience, additional shiurim were added in Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, and Chofetz Chaim Yomi.

Following the tragic petira of Yehuda Kunda, יהודה לייב בן ר’ שמואל, Mr. Rosenberg decided to add another shiur לעילוי נשמתו. As Reb Yehuda had dedicated himself to learning Zera Shimshon and encouraging others to do so, it was quite obvious that it would be a shiur on the Zera Shimshon’s sefer. He started with the commentary on Aishes Chayil as an additional zechus for shidduchim and sholom bayis for all of Klal Yisroel. It is planned to be followed by other works such as Shir Hashirim, etc.

Starting with Zera Shimshon, these shiurim are being worked on and published via Torah Casts as well.



Zera Shimshon – Aishes Chayil

לעילוי נשמת יהודה לייב בן ר’ שמואל

The Zera Shimshon provides an amazing commentary on the classic “Aishes Chayil” found at the end of Sefer Mishlei.  He puts it in his sefer structured on the Parsha, at the beginning of Parshas Chayei Sara.  This is a profound statement about Sara Imeinu.

Mishnayos – משניות לעילוי נשמת משה יצחק בן דב

Learn Mishnayos at the pace of approximately 2 Mishnos per day.

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch – Halacha

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch learned at a pace of one S’if per day. Practical knowledge on how to go about your daily life as a Jew.

Chofetz Chaim Yomi

The Chofetz Chaim’s sefer on Shmiras Halashon, divided into a daily study of two halachos per day by the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yehuda Ze’ev Segal ZaTZa”L.

Many have learned this daily and seen yeshuos. Many people are currently learning as a segula for their own yeshuos.